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Pictures Jul 2005

Viper’s bugloss Echium vulgare and Scarlet pimpernel Anagallis arvensis colonising bare ground created by excavators in winter 2003.  June 2005
Pyramid orchids and Bird’s-foot trefoil adjacent to new fencing erected March ‘05 on east side of American Road. June 2005
Remnants of dune flora in foreground scrub has smothered it in the background. Roe Slack, Braunton Burrows July 2005
Braunton Burrows - dramatic high dune scenery from Warble Fly Hill looking towards Canyon Top with a sea ‘fret’ obscuring the view beyond. July 14th 2005
A wet slack that has dried out, Tall melilot has invaded in the foreground and scrub in the background, a habitat that up to 2004, supported the rare Water germander.
Sand toadflax Linaria arenaria, a plant which only occurs on Braunton Burrows in the UK, colonising a disused  vehicle track in Broadsands, an area closed to vehicles since March 2005.  July 10th 2005
Tall blue spires of Viper’s bugloss Echium vulgare and Portland spurge Euphorbia portlandica colonising an area cleared of scrub in the winter of 2003/4