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Fast Leisure Craft

Taw Torridge Estuary Fast Leisure Craft Registration Scheme
Ben Totterdell NDCCS

The number of people registering their craft has seen a sharp increase with the introduction of controls and charging for use of the Slipway at Appledore.

The Coast & Countryside Service has been working closely with staff from Torridge DC to co-ordinate the scheme and register craft as efficiently as possible and after some initial teething problems this has worked well.

To Date 48 individual Craft registered - Breakdown as follows;

The scheme has seen an increase in the number of speedboats, fishing boats and general motor boats registering over the summer period. This reflects the previous concentration of effort on the Personal Watercraft and Caesar Thundercats. NDCCS is proposing to write to all registered users prior to Easter 2007 to request proof of valid insurance before issuing registration cards for the 2007 summer season.

Issues that should be considered.

  • Protocols for registering day visitors
  • Monitoring of other slipways / access points to the Estuary to see if there is displacement caused by slipway controls at Appledore.
  • Further promotion of the scheme in 2007
  • Expansion of the scheme to all access points.
  • Working with the Torridge to develop protocols for enforcement of code of conduct for registered users.