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Meeting Notes of Fast Leisure Craft Working Group

Meeting Notes of Fast Leisure Craft Working Group

A Bell Northern Devon Coast and Countryside Service
B Totterdell Northern Devon Coast and Countryside Service 
S Pitcher North Devon District Council
B Holme North Devon District Council
M Wilkinson North Devon District Council
L Brown North Devon District Council
P Mullen North Devon District Council 
R Webster Torridge District Council
T Pratt TTEF
P Ferguson Torridge District Council 
M Brown Torridge District Council 
S Clark Torridge District Council 

1. Welcome & introductions 
2. Agree purpose of workgroup.
The following purpose was agreed by the group.

To define the combined local authority response to the issues of managing fast leisure craft in the estuary whilst considering the impacts on the surrounding coastline.

3. Brief background to how we got here.
The group quickly reviewed the actions and issues that have happened to the formation of this group, supported by notes provided by Rose Day.

4. Is any action necessary, assessment of issues and future risk.
In the light of the issues presented and the risk that activity would slip back to unacceptable limits, it was agreed that some action needs to be taken to introduce measures quickly should they be needed. These measures would address all fast leisure craft. I.e. motorised craft that are used for leisure purposes.

5. Option for action
The group identified a whole range of actions and identified the pros and cons of each. 

6. Agree the investigation for each option, Actions & review.
The following actions were agreed:

To set up a common approach for controlling craft on all of the slipways in the Estuary including those under non-local authority ownership.
• Set up a meeting of all access owners to agree the common set of standards and signage of various slipways to be done before the FLC Forum meeting.
• Investigate methods of applying the controls over these slipways using independent agencies.
• Report this meeting to the next FLC forum meeting
• Investigate the common application of the Devon County Council Bylaw 15 using delegated powers to apply the bylaw with other agencies.
To investigate the benefits of setting up a new specific harbour trust or authority that can also have other functions relating to the Biosphere Reserve and its management.