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April 2005

MINUTES for the Meeting held on Monday, 18th. April 2005 at Bideford Town Hall at 7 00pm.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mrs. R. Day, Chairman, (Instow PC and CPRE), Mr. T. Pratt, Vice-Chairman (NDYC), Lt Col. M. Portman, Mr. D. Graham, Mr. J. Breeds, (MoD), Mr. P. Fronteras, (Westleigh PC), Mr. J. Diamond, (Eng. Nat.), Mr. R. Butler, (MAB), Mr. T. Squire (NDWaterski Club), Mr. M.Davies, (RSPB), Mrs. M. Shapland, (Braunton PC), Mr. T. Jones, (Devon Birds), Mr. J. Hartnoll, Mr. O. Slade, Mr. R. Dyer, (Marsh Commissioners), Mrs. W. Dale, (RNLI), Mr. A. Leyman, (EA), Mr. R. Hoad, (Bideford Harbour Master) Mr. P. Mullen, (Fremington PC), Mr. G. Hydes, (Bideford Canoe Club), Mr. A. Bell, (NDCCS), Mr. J. Bell, (Northam TC), Mr. C. Hassall, (Rolle Canal Soc.), Cpl.D. Perkins, MBE, (RMB Chivenor), Mr. J. Daniel, (TTNets), Mrs.A.Humphris, Hon. Sec.

In Attendance: Mr. J. Loch, (MoD), Mrs. P. Ferris, Mrs. M. Coleman-Cooke, Dr. P. Madgett, (Community Members), Mr. A. Atkinson, (Sec. Appledore Shipbuilders Angling Club).

1. APOLOGIES for ABSENCE: Mr. W. Isaac, (Bideford Town Council).

3(b) Braunton Burrows UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve:
The Chairman asked permission to bring item 3b to the head of the Agenda, as there were to be two presentations on Braunton Burrows from the MOD; firstly from John Loch of the Defence Estates and then from Lt. Col. Michael Portman of Fremington Army Training Camp.
These presentations were in response to a report written by Paula Ferris concerning Braunton Burrows. A copy of Paula Ferris’ report was handed out to members. Also two written responses stimulated by Paula Ferris’ report, one from Dr. Paul Madgett, and a letter from Linda Blanchard, the ND AONB Manager, were handed out.
The Chairman had also received a telephone call from Tim Squire of the ND Water ski Club, expressing concern about reports that a gate was to be erected across the White House access, which would prevent water skiers and registered jet skiers from launching from this point.
The Chairman introduced three members of the public
 Paula Ferris whose interests are in environmental education,
 Maranda Coleman-Cooke who lives at the White House. She knows the area well and the background to the current problems. She hears at first hand the concerns of people affected.
 Dr. Paul Madgett who is an eminent geologist and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Braunton Burrows. He has studied the geology and wild life of the Burrows over an extended period.
The Chairman requested that these three visitors be asked to take part in the discussion.
Paula Ferris’ Report:
Paula Ferris presented a report on Braunton Burrows to raise the profile of the problems of access and lack of consultation by the MOD with the community.
There were 4 points at issue. It appears that so much is happening so fast that it was relatively poorly interpreted to the public.
1. Vehicle access to Broadsands Car Park has been blocked on Butch Hill by massive stone boulders at the boundary between Christie Estate and Marsh Commissioners’ controlled land.
2. Scrub clearance and fencing along the east side of the American Road, has effectively blocked the north end of Pedrick’s Lane (which runs diagonally to the White House end of the Toll Road.)
3. Extensive scrub clearance on the Burrows to meet SSSI requirements will be followed by enclosure of part/all for grazing by Red Devons with, as yet unspecified consequences for public access and enjoyment.
4. Possible kite-flying references have been made in the press and elsewhere to the reinstatement of live firing/demolition in the burrows.
Paula Ferris stressed that the area has long been highly valued by local people, and is now a significant component of the Biosphere Reserve, so she hoped for support for the interests of the community with regard to use and enjoyment of this special environment.
In a request for action, Paula Ferris asked to be reassured that organisations consult widely before agreeing to activities, which could so clearly be prejudicial to community enjoyment of our natural heritage.
John Loch’s Response:
John Loch introduced himself by explaining his position as working for the Defence Estates as a land agent, representing the Secretary of State for Defence and as an advisor to the local Army. He said that he was responsible for signing agreements to meet the requirements under the lease from the Christie Estates. This includes conservation issues and control of anti-social behaviour issues. There have been reports of high-powered rifles being used, people in 4-wheel drive vehicles shooting deer at night and children kicking used needles.
In response to Paula Ferris’ report he spoke of the Rock Issue. He said that in order to satisfy the Christie Estates, they had to find a solution to the problems. The MOD had provided a large sum of money that would be spent on fencing, scrub and enough left over to put the large boulders in place. He thought that the 4-wheel drive vehicles would be prevented from going any further than Sandy Lane. His chief concern, however, was that 4-wheel drive vehicles at night could easily run over soldiers who were camouflaged, also if it was the same vehicles with rifles, a soldier could easily be shot.
Fencing and grazing. Some fencing has been replaced from the original sum of money and further fencing is planned to contain stock grazing on the land. The introduction of grazing will have to be done bit by bit. It is proposed that when the grazing plan has been developed it is brought before TTEF for discussion. 
Military Training is restricted under the lease. The MOD is only allowed to restrict the public access for 30 days a year. Also the Environment Act 1995 states that if the MOD wishes to intensify military training they need to go through an Environmental Impact Assessment Consultation, which requires proper and full consultation with all concerned. James Diamond of English Nature would not allow the MOD to do anything that was harmful to the Burrows as an SSSI.
Lt. Col. Michael Portman’s response was from the Military Training point of view. He said that the land in question is private land, the MOD are only tenants and therefore are obliged to answer to the Christie Estates. The MOD pays for the rights here because there is a need for it. All forces use the land but priority is for the Military Training.
What is to happen in the future depends on the demands. It may well be used as a firing area, and as a demolition area, for no more than 30 days a year in accordance with current regulations.
It is an SSSI area and therefore is subject to all the restrictions that that will impose and English Nature would demand of them.
As regards the restriction of parking, the SSSI boundary coincides with the Christie Estates’ boundary and the Marsh Commissioners’ boundary, so there is logic in trying to take the cars away from the area so that the Petalwort can thrive. The MOD has an ecological reason as well as a military reason for their actions.
Andy Bell (Biosphere Reserve Co-ordinator) said that Biosphere Reserve Management should be showing a positive management with all parties such as communicating and consulting with MOD, English Nature and Stakeholders to try to resolve this issue. From the Biosphere point of view there was no policy and no restriction on access to the core area.
He went on to say that John Loch had mentioned that the MOD wished to produce a well-consulted access plan. He suggested that the NDCCS could help in this and produce a plan in a wide and open consultative way.
John Hartnoll (Marsh Commissioners) commented that what happens on the Christie Estates land, which is private land, is nothing to do with the Marsh Commissioners. They, the Marsh Commissioners, make free limited car parking provision at the White House. The only charge being on the Toll Road.
Owen Slade (Marsh Comm.) added that there is no public right of way through Pedrick’s Lane.
Richard Dyer (Marsh Comm.) asked why the Christie Estates are trying to influence peoples’ use of this land below the high water line, which is Crown Property; horse riding and kite surfing are discouraged. 
On studying the pictures of Braunton Burrows in 1949, sometime after the American forces had used the land, it was noticed that the scrub erosion was similar to that of today.
Richard Butler (UK MAB) commented that dialogue between all parties is essential and to be welcomed.
Marguerite Shapland (Braunton Parish Council), informed the meeting that Braunton PC were unanimously in support of moves to prevent misuse of the Burrows, eg parties, raves, illegal driving and misuse of drugs.
They also supported the proposals for grazing if the work to be done would restore the vegetation of the Burrows. They encouraged English Nature in their work in the area of the SSSI in their efforts to protect beaches and areas from misuse.
Dr. Paul Madgett had responded to Paula Ferris’ report with 2 reports of his own, copies of which were handed out to members. He followed this up with his own personal concerns.
He felt that there was insufficient exchange of information as to what was happening on the Burrows, there needed to be control of free roaming dogs and there should be some control of boats moored in the area, possibly illegally.
He also explained the condition of the land as shown in the 1949 pictures of the Burrows. He reported that a relative of his was responsible for bomb/mine disposal after the war. The severe methods taken for the job accounted for the bareness of the dunes. Then eventually natural forces took over and the beaches changed. Marram grass was therefore essential to reinstate the dune system.
He also suggested that there should be no vehicle access on the foreshore so measures should be taken to control access except for legitimate users.
Maranda Coleman-Cooke’s main concern was that the public was unaware of what was happening, so it appeared that the community was not encouraged to understand the reasons for measures taken.
As regards the grazing issue, she felt that there would be no flowers, as the cattle would eat them all, as supplementary feeding was not allowed on SSSI.
James Diamond (Eng Nat) replied to her concerns. He said that for 7 years there had been trial grazing. It was found that grazing of the flowers actually increases flower production, but cattle do not eat flower heads.
The very rare Petalwort likes very short damp sand dune turf. These plants have increased over the last few years, especially on the car park that was closed after the last survey. However, according to the opinion of the expert who carries out the surveys for English Nature, cars are not a problem to the plants. It is the rabbit population that maintains the very short sparse vegetation that the Petalwort thrives on.
Paula Ferris voiced her concerns about visitors and locals being unable to access the Burrows in the coming summer in the ways that they always have. She stressed the importance of communication between all parties to explain the reasons for this.
She thanked the Marsh Commissioners for continuing to provide an access to the Burrows.
She urged Braunton PC to an early consideration of the rights of way issue.
Paula Ferris and Maranda Coleman-Cooke wished to propose that a consultation procedure be established for considering proposals that affect public access to and their enjoyment of the Burrows and environs. Also that all interested parties be consulted and they include representatives of user groups in the community. The proposals should be communicated openly, widely and in good time for representations. A body responsible for co-ordinating the process should be identified and that no more developments should take place until the consultation procedure is in place.
John Loch explained that explanations on how the MOD run their areas is not part of their brief, but in discussions with the Christie Estates an information leaflet was suggested only to be discarded because it might constitute a litter problem.
The Chairman suggested in order to aid communication, members should take information away from the meetings and pass it on to their organisations, bringing back information to the Forum. All relevant information could then be placed on the TTEF Website. It would also be useful if all parties involved in the Burrows, e.g. NDCCS, MOD, Eng. Nat. etc. were to give monthly bulletins for the Website, in order to set up a two-way dialogue with members via Updates.
The Braunton Countryside Centre is an ideal situation to provide the public with access to the information on request.
Members suggested that communication seemed to be the most important aspect and several views were expressed, from making information and terminology more user friendly, putting information into the public domain, especially information on site.
Richard Dyer asked if there was to be public access round the fences.
John Loch said that there would be stiles and gates for the public to walk freely.
Lt. Col. Portman pointed out that the Military needs open areas or it is useless for training. He stressed that the MOD is not trying to be secretive, as the MOD must consult with the landowners and Eng. Nat. and discuss with the Marsh Commissioners on these issues.
James Diamond (EN) agreed that communication was a very important aspect.
Andy Bell (NDCCS) responded by mentioning the Biosphere Reserve Progress Report and the relevant Key recommendations. 

• “3. The NDCCS should work with the Christie Devon Estates, E.N., and MOD to help the public understand the reasons for the site management policies being taken.
• 4. The NDCCS should work with Christie Devon Estates, E.N., and MOD to develop a visitor management plan for the dune system. To this end the Interpretive Strategy is being developed by NDCCS. This will set the framework for the messages and themes of education and information for visitors and locals in the area.”
A copy of this report in full will appear on the website. 
In conclusion the Chairman summarised the way forward:
1) The Chairman was to contact Braunton Countryside Centre to ask if they would hold the public file.
2) The TTEF representatives were to “cascade” authenticated and accurate information on Braunton Burrows to their organisations, and to members of the public.
3) The interested parties - NDCCS, EN, MOD, Braunton PC, UKMAB, Braunton Marsh Inspectors and AONB were to keep the Forum informed of events, by sending written reports, press releases etc., to the Forum so that this information could then be sent out to TTEF member organisations via TTEF Updates and cascaded to the public. These reports, press releases etc. would also be used to update the Braunton Burrows File.
4) Any information disseminated by the TTEF would be by agreement with the various organisations involved in Braunton Burrows.

The Chairman thanked John Loch and Lt. Col. Portman for their attendance and for their very informative presentations. It was felt that the ensuing positive discussion of this issue had gone a long way towards ensuring that the public would have access to accurate information.

2. MINUTES of PREVIOUS MEETING on Monday 17th. January, 2005:
Dave Perkins proposed, James Diamond seconded the adoption of the Minutes, and Members voted unanimously to adopt them.

(a) Estuary Report:
The Chairman said that all matters in the Updates (listed on the Agenda) would come up under other headings, or were for information purposes, except the following.
(i) South West Climate Change and Tourism Event:
This conference was postponed from 10th. March and is now set for 5th. October. 2005.
(ii) Northern Devon Interpretive Plan:
The Chairman reported that she had completed a questionnaire as part of the NDCCS work on an Interpretation Strategy for Northern Devon Area.
A copy of the notes from the ND Interpretation Strategy Workshop was handed out to members.
(iii) Joint Local Strategic Partnership Workshop:
The Chairman was unable to attend this workshop, but Richard Butler had agreed to represent the Forum.
North Devon and Torridge Local Strategic Partnerships had asked the NDCCS to run a joint workshop on the environmental themes and actions in each of the Community Strategies. Andy Bell reported that this LSP workshop had gone well and that they had addressed various issues such as climate change, biodiversity of landscape, historical environment etc.
(iv) HMS Scott:
The Chairman reported that the Royal Navy Survey Ship, built at Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd., and launched in October 1996, was featured in the North Devon Journal for having captured remarkable 3D images of the ocean bed where the earthquake happened which triggered the recent Tsunami.
(v) Devon Wildlife Trust:
o There will be a Beach Day for 75 students and 5 teachers from 5 local schools, to be held on Wednesday 22nd June.
o There will also be a Low Tide Activity Day at Croyde Beach on 7th. May. This event is less certain as Barbara Haddrill has now left the area.
The Chairman is to contact the new Marine Awareness Officer who should be in post by Mid May.

3 (c) Fast Leisure Craft Joint Working Party:
The Chairman announced that the JWP meeting did not take place on 15th March but was eventually held on 14th April.
The Chairman’s notes from the meeting were handed out to members. Andy Bell will produce minutes in due course.
Andy Bell in mentioning some of the relevant points, said that concerning Byelaw 15, a joint position statement is to be sought from all the authorities so that they can prosecute misdemeanours under the terms of the byelaws.
The JWP suggested issuing a press release about positive management in the Estuary, with tighter controls on craft in the estuaries. Incidents on the water and numbers of craft using the estuary at any one time, need to be logged. Resources are tight but information needs to be in place for use when resources become available.
A report from NDDC entitled “The Taw & Torridge and Yeo Estuary –Management Arrangements” was presented to the JWP. It dealt with houseboats appearing in the river, the Council’s risk as leaseholder of the foreshore, and the EU Water Framework Directive, which requires River Basin Management Plans. It will require more pro-active management, and will ultimately require a review of all elements of Estuary Management.
Future Fast Leisure Craft JWP meetings: - 14th July 2005, (provisional), and 5th, October 2005.
For Information, the WWF has published a Draft Marine Bill, which will be considered by Parliament following the election.

3(d) North Devon Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty:
The Chairman reported that there had been a hugely successful Annual Forum at Clovelly with over 800 people attending.
ND AONB Photographic Competition:
The categories are:- Wildlife Seasonal Landscapes Buildings and settlements
People Living & Working in the North Devon AONB
The closing date for entries is: - Sunday, 15th. May 2005.
There was an AONB Joint Advisory Committee Meeting at Combe Martin on 21st January 2005, followed by a site visit to a private semi-ancient woodland near Berrynarbor. Copies of the minutes are available on request.
The next AONB JAC meeting is on Thursday, 21st. April at Hartland, followed by a site visit to Windbury and Brownsham Nature Reserve.
The Chairman had also accompanied Linda Blanchard to the South West England and South Wales Chairmen and Lead Officers’ Meeting in Taunton last February. There was much discussion about the new Integrated Agency comprising part of DEFRA, the Countryside Agency and AONBs, English Nature, etc., now to be called “Natural England”.
Linda Blanchard has also run a Planning Day for the AONB. The keynote speaker was a very experienced planning manager with the South Downs AONB.
A copy of the AONB Newsletter (Spring/Summer 2005), containing a detailed list of Spring and Summer Events was handed out to members.
The Chairman suggested that Linda Blanchard and Dave Edgcombe should be congratulated on the work that they have covered in 4 months.

3(e) MCS Adopt-A-Beach Scheme:
The Chairman should have met with Barbara Haddrill to write to all of the owners of land adjoining the Estuary about spreading the Adopt-A-Beach scheme around the Estuary. However as Barbara Haddrill has now left, the matter will have to be left in abeyance until her successor is appointed.

3(f) Beach Lifeguards:
The Chairman had written to both NDDC and to Christie Devon Estates expressing concern about the lack of lifeguard provision on Saunton and Instow beaches for the forthcoming season. 
Marguerite Shapland reported that NDDC is acting in an advisory capacity and as legal advisor to Croyde and Woolacombe in their acquiring of lifeguard cover with Surfguard UK for the summer. Contracts have been signed and Instow has been advised of the position. The Christie Devon Estates have been informed that contracts have been signed. If they do not wish to be part of the scheme the beaches on Christie land will not be covered.
The Chairman pointed out that there had been 2 reports of rescues from Woolacombe and Croyde already this year. 
Copies of: - a letter of reply and Press Release from CDE, and
a letter to NDDC
were handed to members at the meeting.

3(g) EA Taw & North Devon Streams CAMS:
The draft strategy is nearly ready for public consultation. All member organisations will receive a copy in due course.
EA Devon Area Environment Group:
This group meets on the Thursday following the Forum meeting. The Biosphere Reserve, Diffuse Pollution/Land Run-off and the Winkleigh Biomass are on the agenda.
Minutes are available on request.

3 (h) Appledore Quay Wall:
The Timetable for the presentation of the options for Appledore Quay Wall has again been delayed.
Halcrow currently estimates the following revised consultation programme:
- a report to be issued for consultation in mid July 2005, following comment upon the draft report by TDC. Consultation period to last 4 weeks.
- Presentation meetings with key consultees at the end of July/August 2005.
- A public exhibition in early August 2005
- Submission of a planning application by the end of August 2005.
Halcrow has reviewed the whole project programme to provide more time for consultations and still achieve a site start in Spring 2006 subject to obtaining the necessary planning consents.

3 (i) Permanent Moorings in the Fairway:
The Chairman handed out a copy of the letter sent to Instow Marine, NDYC, Bideford Harbour Master and the Crown Commissioners on this matter to members at the meeting.
Tony Pratt reported after discussions with Instow Marine and NDYC that the area in question was defined by: - “If the mooring can not be reached on foot at low water mark and the boat owner has to go by boat onto the sand bar in mid-river, anyone in the free port area is entitled to lay a mooring wherever he likes.” Consequently there is no control. The NDYC has limited control in this matter and can only advise its members.
The exact situation of the Fairway needs to be established. John Daniel said that the Fairway is marked on Charts, and is on the far side of the River. He was discussing the boats moored in the Gut (nearside of the River) and the numbers were increasing each year. He considered that responsible boat owners should not moor their craft in the Gut where they would be a danger to shipping, especially at night – unlit. Another problem is that as the sand bank moves in the gut, moorings go with it and are lost; boat owners just put down new ones.
Roger Hoad reported that Trinity House will be surveying the Harbour and possibly re-marking the channels in July which will help the situation.
Andy Bell suggested that the Pilotage Authority can charge for Moorings.

3 (j) Bathing Water Quality:
The report from Bideford Town Council and the EA had concluded that the foam at Westward Ho! was algal in origin, and was not related to sewage contamination.
Bathing Water monitoring for the season has now begun.

4. URGENT MATTERS brought forward by the Chairman:

Knapp House and Richmond Dock: The Chairman had responded to both consultations. Copies of the responses were handed out to members.
Jeremy Bell, (Northam TC), thanked the Forum for its responses to the Knapp House and Richmond Dock proposed Developments. The Chairman said that copies of the responses had been sent to Northam TC.
Water for Life and Livelihoods – A River Basin Planning Strategy – Consultation:
The closing date for the consultation is April 29th. The draft strategy is available on the EA website.
For Information: The Chairman had also filled out a Questionnaire on the new planning system for DCC Waste Development Frameworks, asking to be notified on issues affecting the Taw Torridge Estuary and Bristol Channel. 

River Taw Fisheries Association Newsletter – Spring 2005
NDDC – Development Brief for Rolle Quay, Mill Rd, Braunton Rd and Rolle St., Barnstaple
NDDC – Development Brief for the Forumer Cattle Market Site, Barnstaple
NDDC – Development Brief for Queen Street/Bear Street, Barnstaple
NDDC – Supplementary Planning Guidance on Community Woodlands
DCC – Minerals and Waste Development Frameworks – A New Planning System - Questionnaire
CPRE – Countryside Voice – Magazine – Spring 2005
CPRE – Annual Report – Devon Branch – 2004
CPRE – Houses & Gardens – 2005
EA – Our Environment: Our Future – Regional Strategy for the SW – 2004-2014
EA – Act Now: Be Prepared for Flooding – Diary and Press Release
Welcome to The Hartland Peninsula, North Devon. – Complete Guide to this AONB – Info Leaflet
Various Environment Agency Press releases on:
Help your Business and the Environment – 28/1
EA advises SW Businesses to Prepare for Flooding – 24/1
BBC Gardening Star challenges Britain to "Grab a Grant" – 20/1
EA calls on Industry for more Research on the Chemical TDM – 25/1
EA revises Protocol for burning Substitute Fuels in Cement and Lime Kilns – 3/2
Meet the EA Board in Bristol – 31/1
Butterflies and Biodiversity get Funding Boost – 8/2
Waste Refrigeration Equipment Destruction Facilities – Site Audit Report – Jan. 2005
Findings from the Audit of Fridge Recovery Facilities – January 2005Angling for a Better View – 19/1
West Country Tourist Attraction fined for Pollution Offence – 17/1
South West Launch for International Project on Economy & Environment – 7/12
What's Happening in Devon Area Flood Defence? – Winter 2004
Youngsters Look to past to immortalise Exeter's Great Floods – 14/12
Every Opinion, Every Background wanted by Environment Agency – 10/1
Bristol and Exeter Residents Top Planet Pledge Table – 4/1
'Extinct' Mini Moss found at Devon Reservoir – 7/1
Dispose of your Tree responsibly – 6/1
Developer fined for River Exe Oil Spill – 5/1
Illegal Salmon Netting lands ND Man in Court – 6/1
Rural Affairs Minister boosts major Green Campaign – EA Action Earth 2005 – 9/12
Devon School Pupils use Art to bring home the Flood Warning Message – 5/1
Saint or Sinner? Purge your Household of the Seven Deadly Environmental Sins – 15/12
Boscastle Flood Study – Key Findings Published – 12/1
Natural Environment and Rural Communities Draft Bill Published – 10/2
Meeting the Climate Change Challenge – 18/3
EA uses the Blue Badge Scheme to offer Reduced-Price Angling Licences – 22/2
Agricultural and Construction SMEs in EA's sights – 23/3
£2 Million 'Zero Tolerance' Crackdown on Dumpers – 30/3
Business Resource Efficiency and Waste (lBREW) Programme – EA Participation
Red Tape Cut gives Brownfield Boost – 29/3
Water Company prosecuted after Stream is Polluted – 30/3
New Role in Reducing Flood Risk for Environment Agency – 29/3
Pre-Season Bathing Water Checks get started – 31.3
ND Holiday Park fined for discharging Sub-standard Sewage Effluent – 31/3

7. AGENDA ITEMS for the next Meeting:
 Coastal Floodplain and Grazing Marsh.
 Braunton Burrows.

 John Breeds reported that adders on Braunton Burrows had bitten 3 dogs this year.
 Andy Leyman (EA) reported that work was completed on Fremington Pill and Muddlebridge.
 Wendy Dale (RNLI) informed that a new Coxswain, Martyn Cox has been appointed. A new Operations Manager is next to be appointed. Lifeguard Training is taking place at the moment and there are 2 more weeks in May.
 Richard Dyer (Marsh Commissioners) reported that their area is looking beautiful and welcoming visitors – a new road has been laid.
 Malcolm Davies (RSPB) reported that Isley Marsh had reached EN Favourable status. Also on the Marsh were 2 Garganey ducks which are quite rare here
 Graham Hydes (Bideford Canoe Club) gave advance notice of the Canoe Club’s Open Day in May/June. More details later.

9. Dates and Venues of Meetings for the forthcoming year:
Monday 18th July, 2005 at Bideford Town Hall at 7pm.
Monday, 17th. October, 2005 at Barnstaple Civic Centre at 7pm.
Monday 16th January, 2006 at Bideford Town Hall at 7pm.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 21 50.