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April 2006

MINUTES for the Meeting held on Monday, 3rd. April 2006 at the Civic Centre, Barnstaple, at 7pm.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mrs. R. Day, Chairman, (Instow PC and CPRE), Mr. T. Pratt, Vice-Chairman, (NDYC), Mr. R. Butler, (UKMAB), Dr. P. Beale, (Gaia Trust), Mr. J. Breeds, (MoD), Mr. J. Lee, (NDDC), Mrs. L. Blanchard, Ms. J. Holbert, (NDAONB), Mr. P. Mullen, (Fremington PC), Mr. B. Collett, Mr. P. Carter, (EA), Mr. L. Oldham, (TTWC), Mr. J. Daniel, (TTNets), Ms. C. Roberts, (DWT), Mr. J. Diamond, (EN), Mr. R. Dyer, (Braunton Marsh Inspectors), Mrs. W. Dale, (RNLI), Mr. A. Atkinson, (NDSea Anglers), Capt. R. Hoad, (TDC Harbour Master), Mr. C. Hassall, (Rolle Canal Soc.), Cllr. R Knight, (Barnstaple TC), Ms. C. Roberts, (DWT), Mrs. A. Humphris, (Hon Sec).

The Chairman welcomed Dr. Beale as a new member of the Forum.

1. APOLOGIES for ABSENCE: Lt Col. M Portman, (MoD Fremington Training Camp), Mr. P Fronteras, (Westleigh PC), Cpl D. Perkins, MBE, (RMB Chivenor), Mr. N. Davies, (NDJetski & PWC Club), Cllr. B. Hockin, (Fremington PC), Mr. M. Davies, (RSPB), Mr. A. Bell, (NDCCS), Mr. J. Hartnoll, (Braunton Marsh Inspectors), Cllr. H. Barton, (Bideford TC), Mr. A. Leyman, (EA), Mrs. M. Shapland, (Braunton PC).

2. Presentations:
ND AONB: The first two years: Linda Blanchard.
Linda Blanchard introduced the presentation by explaining that her team were working to the Management Strategy set up 3 years ago by the NDCCS and she was updating the Forum on the progress of the last two years.
The AONB is a statutory designation, which underpins the Braunton Burrows UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Braunton Burrows itself is one of the distinctive and important landscapes of the AONB. As part of the AONB Plan, communities are encouraged to develop their projects and programmes for the benefit of the AONB.
The delivery of the AONB Plan is in partnership with several agency partners, the TTEF being one of them.
During 2005-6, the aim was to put the AONB on the map. This was achieved by displays, supporting festivals, local shows and fairs and generally promoting the ND AONB. There was also a substantial increase in the circulation of the Newsletter.
The AONB was involved in Planning Consultations, The Local Development Framework and Planning Policy.
Interpretation: The AONB received support from the Countryside Agency of £100.000 in order to support and assist with the development of the ND Interpretation Strategy.
Landscape: The AONB achieved funding from The Countryside Agency and help from SW Forest and the NDCCS to provide management advice for 20 county wildlife sites on Devon Biodiversity Action Plan Habitats.
State of the Environment: Phase 11 of the County Wildlife Site Survey is completed.
A desk-top Survey of Archaeological sites is underway.
A geological site survey for North Devon is completed.
The Sustainable Development Fund supported numerous projects
In 2006-7 several projects are planned and projects that are already underway are to be continued.

Janine Holbert explained that she was appointed as a volunteer co-ordinator working to produce a State of the Environment Report as part of the AONB Management Plan.
She was providing information to promote the project via fact sheets, presentations, websites and Parish Newsletters.
7 Village Fact Files have been completed on villages within the AONB.
Volunteers for the various surveys have been recruited. The main themes for study include hedgerow surveys, bird surveys, butterfly counts, landscape monitoring, photographic surveys and village audits.
Volunteers have been trained on two separate training courses.
Part of the project is to promote volunteer opportunities across North Devon and Torridge Districts and to form a volunteer database.
The Chairman thanked them for their informative presentations.

3. Shoreline Management Plan 11: TTE Coastal Management Officer’s Group: James Diamond (English Nature):

James Diamond explained that the Shoreline Management Plan 1 for the area of the Taw Torridge Estuary, which lies within the Brean Down to Hartland Point Coastal Unit, is now up for review. The SMP 11 is due for 2010.
The Shoreline Management Plan is a high-level document that forms an important element of the strategy for flood and coastal erosion risk management in a coastal unit.
Coastal groups, made up primarily of coastal district authorities and other bodies with coastal defence responsibilities, play an important part in the development of SMPs for their area.
The ND and Somerset Management Officers’ Coastal Group made up of officers from Devon CC, North Devon District Council, Torridge District Council, the Northern Devon Coast and Countryside Service, English Nature and the Environment Agency deal with the Taw Torridge Estuary.
The purpose of this group is to focus attention on the physical coastal management issues of the coast around the mouth of the Taw Torridge Estuary up to its tidal limits, in preparation for the SMP11 for the coastal unit. Also to adopt a joint participatory approach to reach common solutions and avoid conflict. These solutions should take a long-term (100 years) view to manage flood risk to people and property, whilst protecting and enhancing the environment.
The current work involves commissioning an estuary and coastal approaches modelling contract. This will help to predict responses to natural and human-induced changes and to various potential management strategies, one of which is exploring various long-term management options for the Westward Ho! pebble ridge and other important geomorphological and wildlife features of the Estuary.
Also, the work of the group needs to be communicated to elected local authority members and the wider community.
The Chairman thanked James for his explanatory presentation.

4. MINUTES of MEETING held on Monday, 16th January 2006.
James Diamond proposed and Peter Mullen seconded the adoption of the Minutes, and members voted unanimously to adopt them.

5 MATTERS ARISING from the Minutes:

(a) Estuary Report:
Dredging at Appledore: There is to be a further meeting between DML, the Environment Agency, TDC, the Bideford Harbour Master etc., in April. The Chairman is to update members later.

Capt. Roger Hoad, Bideford Harbour Master’s, Report:
Taw Torridge Estuary and Bideford Harbour.
The dredging of the approach channel to the DML Appledore covered shipyard was completed last month by Seven Seas Shipping, to the satisfaction of the yard.
DML and the dredging company honoured their agreement to dig a small test channel through the stony ground at the entrance to the west channel, to try to encourage water flow to return to the Appledore side of the channel again. This has improved the flow, but more dredging needs to be done, and ways of financing this are being investigated.
The multi-million pound Fish Dock development at Appledore, which will also affect the west channel access, has proposed a 31 metre jetty into the channel. Following a request that the jetty be shortened, it was agreed by the TDC regeneration department, and a new plan reflects this. TDC hopes that, after obtaining planning permission, work will start after the summer.
The Super Yacht being constructed at DML Appledore has been completed and she is ready to be towed around to Plymouth. Unfortunately, despite efforts by all, the tidal window has been missed because of strong winds. Tow out will now occur on the 13th. April.
At present the Bideford ships are successfully using the western channel, and as long as this channel does not deteriorate any more, this will continue. The Harbourmaster feels that the deeper east channel needs to be regulated, voluntarily or otherwise, such that safe access along it is available to all craft, day and night. This will mean that no mooring should be allowed in the Fairway- just on the channel perimeters as in other harbours. Resolving these issues in both channels will facilitate the ultimate request to Trinity House to mark the channel properly.
The HMS Hindustan catamaran barge remains moored midstream outside the Port of Bideford, the owner having made no further progress with his plans.
The Oldenburg has restarted her timetabled sailings to Lundy – mostly from Ilfracombe-again this year.
Seasonal changes in river channels have been interesting this year, with a lack of floodwater due to a dry winter, creating some changes for the deepest ships navigating to sea.
The recent high tides have caused some over flooding of wharves within the harbour, mainly at East- the- Water, and the low northern end of the New Quay flooded (as per its design within its retentive flood wall). Interestingly this occurred on one occasion about half an hour after high water, after the level had dropped a foot or so and then surged back in.

A full copy of this report appears on the TTEF Website: 

Bathing Water Quality.
The Chairman had been reminded that the testing for 2006 will be starting in a few weeks’ time. There was nothing further to report from the EA Representative.

North Devon and Exmoor Walking & Cycling Festival: 26th April until 2nd May. 2006.
Six copies of the programme booklet were available for members.

Appledore Quay Wall: There is still no decision made on this planning application.

Natural England Partners’ Project on Access to the English Coast Project:
The Chairman had attended this Stakeholder Meeting in Porlock, to help provide information provision of public access between Instow and the River Parrett, near Burnham-on-Sea.
An Access Newsletter was made available to members to pass on to their organisations, so that they could obtain information from Defra.

Avian Influenza:
In the same Defra Access Newsletter, there is a report on Avian Influenza and Defra’s commitment not to close public access in the event of an outbreak, unless it was clearly necessary to do so.

Environment Agency: River Basin Planning Workshop:
The Environment Agency has been appointed as the ‘competent authority’ for the European Union Water Framework Directive in England and Wales. The overall aim of the Directive is to improve the water environment to achieve ‘good ecological status’, and all of the organisations with a stake in the water environment will need to work together to deliver this.
As Chairman of the EA Devon Area Environment Group, the TTEF’s Chairman was invited to the workshop on River Basin Planning, which is the core process by which it can be established what needs to be done to achieve the aims of the Water Framework Directive.
The South West River Basin District extends from Land’s End to Salisbury, encompassing Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and parts of Somerset and Wiltshire.
A Liaison Panel of 15 representative Panel Members will be set up.
The TTEF was not on the list of interested local stakeholders so the Chairman has lodged the Forum’s details with the workshop organisers. If any of the Forum’s organisations, which should be involved, have not been contacted, they are to get in touch with Richard Cresswell, Regional Director of the EA. His contact details are noted on the Correspondence Sheet in the information pack handed out to members.

Environment Flooding Information Day: Caen Street Car Park, Braunton.
The Chairman placed details of how to receive free flood warnings direct to your home from the EA, in the Correspondence List in the packs handed out to members. The contact details of Adele Needham, the Flood Incident Management Officer, are also listed.

Climate Change:
It is hoped that Mrs. Sarah Hendel – Blackford of the South West Climate Change Impacts Partnerships will agree to address the Forum on the Impact of Climate Change on the Taw Torridge Estuary at a future Forum meeting.
The Chairman is representing Instow Parish Council at a Climate Change evening run by Barnstaple Town Council on 5th April.

Devon Maritime Forum: 
There will be a further meeting of the DMF in May, to discuss the Marine Bill.

(b) Braunton Burrows UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve:
Richard Butler MAB(UK) Report:
Richard Butler reported on a visit he had made to the Galloway Hills in East Ayrshire, a proposed new Biosphere Reserve, as part of a Meeting of MAB (UK) to look at Biosphere Reserves in preparation for a publication due in 2007.
He reminded members that MAB(UK) was again running a ‘Young Scientist of the Year Award’ and asked that if any members had any candidates for this he would like to know.
He reported on a meeting, which took place at the House of Lords, Westminster.
After a welcome by Baroness Miller, the Keynote address: “A possible Natural England perspective on Biosphere Reserves” was delivered by Martin Doughty, Chairman Designate of Natural England.
Andrew Bell, Chairman of MAB(UK) spoke on ‘What happens in a Biosphere Reserve and aspirations for what they might achieve’.
This was followed by a round-table discussion on the domestic situation and the future for Biosphere Reserves.
During the afternoon the International perspective of Biosphere Reserves and UK overseas development and international relations policy was discussed.
The afternoon was concluded with a round-table discussion on the international opportunities and issues for Biosphere Reserves, and the work of the UK MAB and UNESCO.
Richard Butler reported that our local MPs were present in the morning and contributed to the meeting, and were obviously very interested.

John Breeds (MoD) Core Area Report: 
Management Activities: Habitat Management activities ceased on March 31st, the official start of the bird-nesting season.
Scrub. The smaller scale clearance of invasive scrub and small trees, using chain saws and hand tools to maintain and create sheltered glades and clearings, continued throughout the winter and early spring. Large-scale scrub clearance, using heavy machinery, started on 12th January and took place over 8 weeks.
Herb-rich grassland. Approx 40 hectares of dune grassland in the northern part of the training area, plus the grazed areas to the north and east, have now been mown.
Re-establishing wet slacks - An area has been excavated to lower the level in a slack south of the Sandy Lane car park.
Grazing. All grazing stock was removed from the Burrows in mid March.
Public reaction to the management – There was little adverse reaction to the scrub clearance and excavation work this year. Many of the locals have expressed their appreciation of our efforts to conserve the special flora and keep the dunes open which helps them enjoy the site. Permanent metal boards are being produced, in conjunction with the Christie Estates, MoD and English Nature, explaining the need for the habitat management works. These will be erected in 4 locations, close to where major work has been recently carried out.
Rare Species.- Petalwort is colonising and thriving in the scrape created in Broadsands. The completed report on last summer’s survey of Water Germander has been submitted to English Nature. Its results are encouraging, showing a significant increase in populations as a result of the excavating and mowing of the many of the sites.
Research and monitoring – The recording of the monthly rainfall and water table readings has continued.
The regular rabbit counts show that populations have remained fairly constant since their peak in 2004.
This spring, nighttime newt counts have been restarted in some ponds, concentrating on the Great Crested Newt. The maximum count so far has been 21
Undesirable Activities/ Anti –social behaviour.
Dog fouling is becoming an increasing nuisance.
Beach litter has increased of late, with large quantities being washed up by the high tides and driven into the foredunes by strong onshore westerly winds.
Publicity Braunton Countryside Centre opens on April 10th.
Biosphere Core Activities / Education. The programme of guided walks and other events for the coming season starts with a beach clean on May 7th. (Volunteers welcomed, meet at Saunton Car Park 10.00 – 10.30am.)
WW2 History. Part of an unusual WW2 device known as ‘carrot’ was discovered in Broadsands dunes during scrub excavation.
A complete copy of this report can be found on the TTEF website.
The full Report will be placed in the Braunton Burrows Files.

James Diamond (English Nature):
James Diamond added that there had been scrub clearance on Saunton Golf Course.
An area of approximately 85 hectares will be signed up under grazing, containing some new areas for Red Devon cattle and sheep.

(c) Management Study for Braunton Marsh:
Richard Butler explained that he is dealing with grant applications for this study. He has applied for £3000 from the AONB Sustainable Fund, £3000 from the NDDC Community Fund and £6000 from Leader+. Two of these applications had required ‘Expression of Interest ‘ Forms to be completed, in an addition to the full grant applications.
Richard Butler also expressed his thanks to Richard Dyer for his help and support during these applications.
The Chairman added that the file on Braunton Marsh is available if anyone wants to look at it.

(d) Fast Leisure Craft in the Taw Torridge Estuary:
A copy of the final Recommendations of the Working Group on Fast Leisure Craft in the Taw Torridge Estuary was made available to members. 
The Chairman explained that these Recommendations have been submitted to the two District Councils, but as yet, there is no feedback as to any progress.
The Chairman had received a telephone call from Ben Totterdell (NDCCS) to inform her that Registration Documents and ID Permits are being reissued for the 2006 season, and possession of insurance is being checked.
The Estuary Leaflet containing the Estuary Code of Conduct has been updated and reprinted. Copies of the leaflet were made available to members.
Ray Webster (TDC) informed the TTEF concerning progress on Appledore Churchfield Slipway.
He had written a draft report, which, at present, is being checked, by Finance and Legal before it goes to Committee. It is hoped to have a warden-controlled scheme up and running before Whitsun.
There will be a launching fee, which will be linked to a registration and insurance requirement. The Warden will be at the slip to ensure that people have paid the fee and also to give advice on suitable areas.
As regards the Fast Leisure Craft Joint Working Party recommendations, he reported that TDC is going through an organisational realignment and until this is complete, it is difficult to comment on other aspects of the report.

(e) Moorings in the Fairway / Trinity House Survey:
Copies of the Chairman’s letter of 20th March 2005 to the ND Yacht Club, Instow Marine, Bideford Harbour Master and the Crown Commissioners were made available to members.
In the Bideford Harbour Master’s report on the Trinity House Survey, Roger Hoad suggested that the deeper east channel needed
to be regulated, and that there should be no moorings in the Fairway. 
The resolving of these issues in both channels will facilitate the ultimate request to Trinity House to mark them properly.
Tony Pratt reported that this issue was to be discussed at the next Committee meeting at NDYC.
It was decided that the Chairman should call a meeting of all interested parties to discuss proposals before approaching Trinity House.

(f) Harvesting Mussels in the Taw Torridge Estuary:
In the members’ information packs, there was a copy of a letter received by the Chairman from Brian Hill, who has a lifetime of experience as a shell / fisherman in the Taw Torridge Estuary.
She had also sent copies of this letter to the EA, EN, NDDC, TDC, Northam TC, Braunton PC, TTNets etc.
Mr. Hill was concerned that:
The licence to the Exmouth boat was granted without seeking the advice of local fisherman.
The Taw Torridge Estuary mussel fishery can only support 2 or 3 fishermen.
The EA asked Devon Sea Fisheries to do all of the groundwork for a regulatory order to protect local fishermen, enabling them to re-seed and care for the mussel beds, and to give the local fishermen the opportunity to harvest the final crop.
No mussel-fishermen can be expected to relay mussels for someone else to take the crop.
The estuary cannot sustain the quantity of mussels that are taken by the suction method – 3 ton per week is unsustainable.
Local fishermen could hand-rake mussels to a depth of 18 foot of water, which would be a much more sustainable method.
James Diamond (EN) said that English Nature had consented to the aqualift method only and for a trial period only. The mussel fisherman was not breaking any rules.
Also in the information packs given to members, there was a copy of a letter from the EA telling the TTEF that the (EA) does not wish to pursue a Regulatory Order for the time being.
The Chairman explained that the Forum was looking to the Regulatory Order to regulate not only the mussel fishery in the Estuary, but also the crab-tile activity, to ensure that local shell fisheries were not taken over by shell fishermen from elsewhere. It was hoped to have regulation in place before the Estuary was overrun, as has happened in other places. Also to offer some kind of protection for our local fishermen.
Ray Webster of TDC had tried to contact the Food Safety manager and his Head of Service without success. It appears that there is no further progress.
The EA commented that it would be in a position to control crab tile activity without the Order, but that the contol of the shellfishery was more contentious.
It was noted that, to date, the EA and EN had had no official complaints.

(g) District Council Liaison:
The Chairman and Vice-chairman had met with Ray Webster of TDC and Jerry Lee from NDDC in an extremely positive meeting.
Ray Webster TDC, on the subject of Houseboats, reported that TDC had sought Counsel’s opinion. The Harbour Board has seen the Opinion and has agreed in principle to follow the path laid down by Counsel. Basically, it is a case of serving Injunctions on the owners, firstly requesting mooring fees, retrospectively for up to 6 years. The injunction would also require the removal of the houseboats and/or wrecks by the owner.
Jerry Lee, NDDC, commented that NDDC was negotiating with the NDCCS on the matter, but at the moment there were no funds available.
Planning: Following the above meeting, the Chairman had written to the Planning Departments of both District Councils, giving them a clear overview of the kinds of planning applications upon which the TTEF would like to be consulted.
NDDC: Mr. Mike Kelly had responded immediately. The TTEF had been asked to take part in a focus group of stakeholders on the 11th April, as part of an Audit Commission Inspection.
The Chairman had also received information that all applications for planning and other consents are now on the NDDC Website. From 1st April 2006, NDDC will continue to notify us of applications, but plans and paper copies of the application will no longer be sent out, as these can now be accessed on-line.
TDC: The Chairman had had an interview with Mr. Mal Brown. It appears that the TTEF areas of interest do not coincide with the way the TDC computer programme is set up, and we are, therefore, difficult to integrate with the TDC way of doing things. However, Mr. Brown has assured the Chairman that he will do his best to ensure that the Planning Department will notify the TTEF on applications that are within the TTEF’s remit.
Fish Dock: There are a number of consultations to be made before a final version is produced.

All planning applications are shown on the TDC Website: Tel:01237 428778.

Local Strategic Partnership: At the liaison meeting, the Chairman was encouraged to write to the Chief Executives of both District Councils, to ask if the TTEF, as a large community group, should be considered for membership of the Local Strategic Partnership.
Mr Steve Pitcher of NDDC has responded, and has passed the Chairman’s letter to Mrs. Marguerite Shapland, Chairman of the NDDC LSP.
There has been no response yet from TDC.

(h) Annual Visits 2006: 
Dr. Peter Beale of the Gaia Trust has invited members of the TTEF to visit Home Farm Marsh at Yelland in October. Members accepted the invitation.

6. Equal Opportunities Policy:
The draft policy had been circulated to members with the agenda.
It was decided that Vice-Chairman, Tony Pratt should be the responsible person. John Breeds, seconded by Richard Dyer, proposed that the Equal Opportunities Policy should be adopted. It was passed nem com.

7. Urgent Matters brought forward by the Chairman:

8. Consultations:
Draft Marine Bill:
This was published the week before the meeting.
The Chairman suggested that all interested parties should be given time to digest the document, and then she would call a sub-committee meeting to discuss consultation responses. The deadline is June 23rd.
The Chairman and Vice-Chairman were to meet Baroness Miller later in the week to discuss it with her.
The latest issue of the Marine Bill Newsletter (issue 2) was made available in the information pack, and is also available on the DEFRA website.

Bideford Bridge:
A consultation leaflet was handed out in the information packs. 
There are two options:
1. To strengthen the bridge, but not to widen the existing roadway and footways. This does not separate pedestrians and cyclists from vehicles.
2. The bridge would be strengthened, but would protect the footway and allow the road width to be increased. A thin lightweight walkway would be attached to each side of the bridge to provide segregated facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. The arches would be more visible.
It was decided that individual responses to the consultation should be made on the form in the leaflet, by 16th April to Devon County Council.

9. Correspondence Received:
A list of the correspondence is attached at the end of the minutes.

10. Agenda Items proposed for next Meeting:
• Presentation on Climate Change

11. Any Other Business:
 Congratulations were offered to Wendy Dale on her new position at RNLI., Appledore.
 Richard Butler UK MAB reported on the South West Regional Rural Research Priorities Board Meeting. The main discussion items being the implications of Management for Change, particularly climate and agricultural change. He had also spoken with a member of the SW Climate Change Impacts Partnership. It was hoped that a talk to the TTEF would be forth coming.
 The Chairman reminded members to take copies of the reprinted Estuary Code of Conduct for distribution.

12. Dates and Venues of Meetings for the Forthcoming Year:
 Monday 17th July 2006 – Town Hall, Bideford.
 Monday 16th. October 2006 – Civic Centre, Barnstaple.
 Monday 15th. January 2007 (AGM) – Town Hall, Bideford.

There being no other Business the meeting closed at 9.50pm.

- ………………………………………………………(signed)

9.Correspondence Received:
Environment Agency: Water for Life and Livelihoods – A Framework for River Basin Planning
in England and Wales – Summary
(Telephone: 08708 506 506: e-mail:
incident hotline: 0800 80 70 60 (24 hours)
floodline: 0845 988 1188)
Environment Agency: Caravans and flood risk
Environment Agency: Flood Directory – Devon and Torbay
Environment Agency: Pets and Floods
Environment Agency: The New Flood Warning Codes
Environment Agency: Understanding Flood Risk – Using our Flood Map
Environment Agency: Taw & ND Streams Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy – Jan. 2006
Environment Agency: Your Environment – Magazine: Living Sustainably
English Nature: Powerpoint Presentation on Condition Assessment of SSSIs in North Devon
Environment Agency Press Releases: on request
The Yarner Trust: Courses and Events 2006
North Devon & Exmoor Walking & Cycling Festival: Programmes (6 copies)
(Information available at TICs and on the website:
The Yarner Trust: "Branching Out" – Inspiring Creative and Sustainable Living
The Yarner Trust: Creative Breaks in Devon – Environmental Arts Holidays
The Yarner Trust: The Well Hill Garden – A Kitchen Garden demonstrating Organic Principles
Friends of the Earth Local Groups: Marine Information Network Newsletter No. 21 – January 2006
Devon County Council: 'Land Between the Moors II' Project: Info Sheet
Severn Bridges: Visitors' Centre – Leaflet
Countryside Agency: Hadrian's Wall 2006 Calendar
North Devon AONB: Newsletter – Issue 5: Spring/Summer 2006
Campaign to Protect Rural England: Countryside Voice – Magazine – Spring 2006
Campaign to Protect Rural England: Houses & Gardens 2006
Campaign to Protect Rural England: Voices of Reason – Water Shortages – Leaflet
The Barn Owl Trust: Barn Owls Need Friends – Leaflet
River Taw Fisheries Association – Newsletter – Spring 2006
Nuttall: Barnstaple Western Bypass – Newsletter 9 – November 2005 (2 copies)
Nuttall: Barnstaple Western Bypass – Newsletter 10 – January 2006 (7 copies)
Defra: Marine Bill Newsletter: Issue 2

Defra: Marine Bill
The Marine Bill consultation document will be launched on Wednesday 29 March 2006 and
available to download from the Defra website:
also on
Address: Marine Legislation Division
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Area 2E
3-8, Whitehall Place
London. SW1A 2HH
Telephone: 020 7270 8711/020 7270 8707
Deadline for consultation: 23rd. June 2006

To register for Marine Bill Forums at Cardiff (4th. May 2006), 
Liverpool (10th. May 2006) and London (18th. May 2006)
Telephone: 020 7378 7414

Defra: Coastal Access Newsletter – Issue 17 – March 2006
Defra Website

Defra: Avian Influenza

Environment Agency: Floodline
If you live in a flood-risk area, and wish to register for free Flood Alerts:
Telephone: 0800 100141
If you yourself do not have a property in a flood-risk area, but you would wish to receive a Flood Warning to pass on to others, please contact: 
Adele Needham – Telephone: 01392 316188

Further information on Flooding available on Environment Agency Website:

Environment Agency: Water Framework Directive – River Basin Planning:
Contact Details:
Dr. Richard Cresswell MBE
Regional Director
Environment Agency, Manley House, Kestrel Way, Exeter. EX2 7LQ
Direct Telephone: (01392) 442085: Direct Fax: (01392) 442005

NDDC Planning Consultation Details:
and then click on the 'Online Planning Service' link
Comments on all applications can also be submitted 'on-line'

TDC Planning Consultation Details:

DCC Bideford's Longbridge Consultation Details:
Consultation ends on 16th. April 2006