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January 2006

 MINUTES for the Annual General Meeting held on Monday, 16th. January, 2006, at Bideford Town Hall.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mrs. R. Day, Chairman, (Instow PC and CPRE), Mr. T. Pratt, Vice-Chairman, (NDYC), Capt P. Fronteras, (Westleigh PC), Mr. J. Breeds, (MoD), Mr. S.C.Squire, (NDWaterski Club), Mr. R. Butler, (UKMAB), Cllr.P. Mullen, (Fremington PC), Cllr. Mrs. M. Cox, (Northam TC), Mr.J.Lee, (NDDC), Cllr.R Knight, (Barnstaple TC), Mr. R. Dyer, (Braunton Marsh Insp.), Mr. D. Graham, (ATTURM), Mr. L Oldham, (TTWC), Cllr H. Barton, (Bideford TC), Mr. J. Daniel, (TTNets), Mr. J. Diamond, (English Nature), Mr. T Jones, (Devon Birds), Mr. M. Davies, (RSPB), Mr. P. Carter, Mr. P. Siddall, (EA), Mr. C. Hassall, (Rolle Canal Soc.), Mrs. W Dale, (RNLI). Mrs. A Humphris, Hon Sec.

Also in Attendance: Mr. M. Phillips, (DCC), Mr. J. Soper, (Edmund Nuttall), Mr. M. White (Halcrow). Cllr. A.Eastman, (TDC and Northam TC), Cllr. Mrs. P. Ferguson, (TDC).

The Chairman announced that Lt Col. Portman, Fremington Army Camp had resigned from the Forum.
Mr. J. Bell had resigned from Northam TC, and Mrs M Cox had been elected to attend the TTEF in his place.
Also Mr. J. Sharp had resigned from Fremington PC. The Forum will be notified in due course of who will take his place as TTEF representative.

1. APOLOGIES for ABSENCE: Cpl. D. Perkins, MBE, (RMB Chivenor), Mr. R Hoad, (Bideford Harbour Master), Mr. A. Bell, (NDCCS), Mr. A. Atkinson, (Appledore Angling Soc.), Cllr. Mrs. M. Shapland, (Braunton PC), Mr. S. Corbett, (EA), Mr. J. Sharp, (Fremington TC), Ms. C. Bullock, (Rural Dev.Service)

2. Barnstaple Western Bypass and Downstream Bridge:
Presentation by Mike Phillips, (Devon County Council), John Soper, (Edmund Nuttall), and Mark White, (Environment Engineer, Halcrow).

Mr Phillips began the presentation by explaining the reasons for the DCC spending £42 million on the Barnstaple bypass and Downstream Bridge. He explained that industrial growth had slowed down over the last ten years in this sub regional centre of North Devon. The District Council had almost put a planning embargo on further development of industry due to transport and traffic problems, so they supported the Bypass in order to get some relief from the traffic problems.
He went on to explain the history of the project. In 1979 suggestions were voiced to build a relief road and it first appeared in the County Structure Plan in 1981, but only as land safeguarded for use as a Downstream Bridge and Link from the A39.
In 1987 an Independent Inspector recommended, one scheme, the Barnstaple Western Bypass.
An extensive public consultation took place in 1998. In 1999 a Planning Application was submitted, along with an Environmental Statement. A Public Enquiry found in favour of construction and, after all legal challenges had been met, the contract was awarded in 2004 after a 2-year delay and increased costs.
Mr. Phillips explained how the scheme would alleviate the traffic problems and how the scheme is designed to reduce damage to the environment by habitat creation, low noise opportunities and protection of species.
The road is 2.7km long with 1km of side roads, and a 2-lane carriageway. There are 3 junctions – A39, Sticklepath and Pottington.
The Bridge is 409m long, with dual footpath/cycle lane and a 12m. clear span at high water.
The earthworks were explained and the movement of materials accounted for.
Mr. Soper went over the construction details, from the starting point at the new roundabout on the A39, now completed, through the Railway embankment to the new Roundabout at Sticklepath, now under construction. He also explained the building of the bridge, the final span being in place by February 2007 if all goes according to plan.
Mr. Soper gave copies of the Barnstaple Western Bypass Newsletter 09(November 2005) showing details of construction by means of aerial photographs.
Mr. Phillips, Mr. Soper and Mr. White answered questions from members.

The Chairman thanked the visitors for their most informative presentation.

Chairman: Mrs. Rose Day was proposed by Paul Fronteras, seconded by Peter Mullen and duly re-elected unanimously.
Vice – Chairman: Tony Pratt was proposed by Rose Day, seconded by Paul Fronteras and duly re-elected unanimously.
Hon. Secretary: Mrs. Ann Humphris was proposed by Rose Day, seconded by Paul Fronteras and duly re-elected unanimously.

Presentation of Annual Accounts 2005:
The Accounts for the year 2005 were presented and explained to members at the Meeting.

Mrs. Mary Jane Scott, CTA. had certified the Accounts as correct.
It was proposed by Peter Mullen, seconded by Tim Jones that the Accounts should be adopted and the Members voted unanimously to adopt them.

5. Honoraria:
Both the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary had again waived their Honoraria.

6. Annual Subscriptions for 2006:
In order to keep a healthy bank balance, it was decided to increase the subscription to £16. It was proposed by Mr. Squire, seconded by Peter Mullen and carried unanimously.

7. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Monday 17th. October, 2005:
There were three amendments requested.
1. Lt Col Portman has requested that the item 3c) on page3 Braunton Burrows Biosphere Reserve Report: July – October 2005 should read-Braunton Burrows Biosphere Reserve Core Area Report.
2. Tim Jones requested the deletion of paragraph 2 of “Avian Flu” p1. Item 3a) as this was factually incorrect.
3. Peter Mullen requested that Item 8 page 6 - AOB. 1. should read “ voiced a parishioner’s concerns” and not “voiced his council’s concerns”.
Tony Pratt proposed, James Diamond seconded the adoption of the minutes and members voted unanimously to adopt them. 

(a) Estuary Report:
TTEF – Update – 20th December:

Dredging at Appledore Shipyard:
DML Appledore Shipbuilders had invited the Chairman along with Roger Hoad, Officers of the Environment Agency and others to a meeting.
The super-yacht, currently being built there, is now scheduled for launch in March. DML is consulting all interested parties, as to the best way to keep the access channel dredged for future launches and what method of dredging should be employed.
Some suggestions regarding the disposal of silt were:-
- using it to help regenerate the salt-marshes within the estuary
- redistributing it around the estuary or in the bay
- removing it to Cardiff.
The Environment Agency is to look closely at a preferred option, having ruled out a number of options because of the complicated issues involved.
There will be a further meeting in three months , to discuss it further.

Environment Agency CAMS:
The Final Strategy Document has now been signed off by the Environment Agency and has been sent to the printers.
Contact details for reporting any abstraction problems are given after Correspondence received at the end of these minutes.

Bathing Water Quality:
Phil Siddall (EA) reported that Instow had failed the Bathing Water Quality Standards twice. He said that the Agency had conducted extensive investigations which are now complete and a legal file has been produced.

Harvesting Mussels:
Paul Carter (EA) reported that there had been an application to English Nature for a licence to harvest mussels from the Estuary.
A South Devon Shellfish Company want to harvest mussels over 2inches, which is legal. The method he uses enables him to harvest the mussels under water, and sort and return smaller mussels back to the bed. This is on a trial basis, which will be strictly monitored by the EA.
Regulating Order: The Agency has been considering a Regulating Order but is not sure whether this will go ahead because of the cost; they are hoping that the local byelaws will be sufficient protection. Paul Carter is to ask his Managers to inform the Forum officially what the present situation is.
James Diamond (English Nature) pointed out that anyone using a new harvesting method must have the consent of EN and they have not got it yet but are likely to have it soon. Appledore Fish Dock may be used to operate the Shellfish Process and sell mussels locally.
This may be worked on a trial basis until June, but Spratt Ridge and Pulleys Ridge are out of bounds
The Chairman asked James Diamond to inform her of any consent given by EN and also a copy of the Conditions concerning the operation which can be forwarded to members in an update.
NOTE: The Chairman has since received a copy of the Licence Conditions, which are listed at the end of these minutes.

Draft Marine Bill Newsletter:
Copies of the Newsletter were handed out to members.

Devon Maritime Forum:
It is expected that a Meeting of the Devon Maritime Forum will take place in April to discuss the Draft Marine Bill.

Annual Trip: It had not been possible to book a tour of the Met Office for TTEF Members, as no further tours were being organised for the time being.

Avian Influenza:
Tim Jones said that there was nothing further to report, but did point out that migration begins in 2 months time, so there may be developments then.

Report from Roger Hoad, Bideford Harbour Master:
The Chairman handed out copies of this comprehensive report to members. Topics covered were:-
 A small hovercraft supporting 3 dimensional survey work of the Bideford Longbridge for DCC from 16th. January.
 No news from the owner of “HMS Hindustan”. The vessel remains up for sale. The owner has been asked for his intentions.
 Bideford exported a record cargo of 4,750 tonnes of clay on two vessels during such small springs of early December.
 Motor vessel Oldenburg is currently on Barclaycurle/Seawind slip at Appledore.
 The launching of the £60 million super yacht hull has been put back until March.
 Dredging at Appledore shipyard approach channel is due to be completed week commencing Monday 16th. January. An assessment of the viability of the channel for the passage of ships to Bideford will be made on completion of dredging.
 Trinity House has upgraded all existing approach buoys to the Estuary, making the seaward section of the Estuary a safer and more easily navigated place.
 The motor tanker Blackfriars unfortunately ran aground on rocks near Skye Bridge.
 The Fisherman’s co-operative have applied to build a jetty into the river, very close to the western channel at Bidna.
 There is a plan to import a 400 tonne load of ‘shell sand’ from off Padstow to a Chivenor farm.
 It is understood that a local houseboat will be assessed for the payment of council tax by an outside agency (NDDC), on behalf of TDC.
A complete copy can be found on the Forum Website:- 

Clay Pigeon Shooting:
Subsequent to the concerns raised about clay pigeon shooting at Fremington Army Camp by Peter Mullen of Fremington PC, the chairman had received a letter from Mr. David Jury of Fremington. The Chairman has now spoken with Lt Col Portman, and sent him a copy of Mr Jury’s letter. Lt Col Portman is to contact Fremington PC.

Crab Tiles at the White House: At the previous TTEF meeting dangerous crab tiles had once again been reported in the water-ski area at the White House, which the NDCCS had removed. No progress had been made with this matter but Mr Jerry Lee NDDC Liaison Officer, had now been appointed, so the matter could be taken up with him.

Houseboats Mooring in the Estuary, particularly at Heanton Court and in Braunton Pill:
This matter has been awaiting the new Liaison Officer. Roger Hoad reported in December that he had been in contact with NDDC about houseboats at Heanton and that he was going to speak to the tug owners, who are towing in these houseboats.
The Chairman had had concern expressed to her about travellers and people living close to the estuary, in relation to how they dispose of their waste etc.
Before Christmas the Chairman had received two reports on the Taw, Torridge and Yeo Estuary, prepared by the Head of Property and Technical Services, Ms. Diana Hill. These reports had been presented to the NDDC Barnstaple, Fremington and Instow Area Committee in December.
i The Regulating Lease from the Crown Estates (31st August 2005)
ii Management Arrangements (8th July 2005)
The Chairman distributed copies of these reports to Roger Hoad, Andy Bell, The Environment Agency, Braunton Marsh Inspectors, Marguerite Shapland, Braunton PC, and John Breeds.
Regulating Lease from the Crown Estates:
The recommendation of this report to the Committee is that “consultation on the implications of non- renewal on the lease be undertaken with the Council’s partners at the NDCCS and TDC”.
Management Arrangements:
The Recommendation of this report is: “that the Estuary Management Plan be identified as a vehicle for achieving improvements to the management of the Taw Torridge and Yeo Estuary and that the NDCCS be asked to attend a future meeting to brief members on their proposals.” The reason for the recommendation is “ to identify a partnership route to resolving some of the issues relating to the management of the Estuary”.

The Chairman reported that TDC is also looking into the problems caused by wrecks and houseboats, and Mr. Webster had sent her notification of a government consultation paper on the “Security of Tenure for Residential Boats”. The Chairman awaits the arrival of a copy of this consultation paper.

Barrage across the Taw Torridge Estuary: Report in the North Devon Journal:
An article in the North Devon Journal stated that a Mr. Jeremy Row of Hartland had approached Torridge District Council about putting a barrage across the Taw Torridge Estuary, in an effort to revitalise Bideford. The Chairman is to enquire about this from TDC, to ensure that the Forum is on any consultation list if any plan is eventually submitted.

Lifeguarding in North Devon:
The RNLI will continue to cover Westward Ho! beach next season. There were reports that the RNLI had also been contracted to cover Woolacombe and Croyde Beaches. There is no confirmation of this from NDDC and Wendy Dale said that the RNLI (Appledore) had heard nothing.

Cycle Maps of Devon and Cornwall:
These new maps are small, waterproof and of a scale of l : 100,000. They are available from bookshops, cycle shops and from Tourist Information Centres.

North Devon Yacht Club:
Work is going on at the North Devon Yacht Club to construct a facility for cruisers and larger boats that will allow them to be launched by crane straight from the Club’s boat park.
Tony Pratt reported that there is a general tidying up of the park to relieve stress and strain on Instow Jetty.

North Devon Plus:
A new body called North Devon Plus will soon be bringing together the work of the North Devon Marketing Bureau, the Enterprise Agency and the Exmoor and North Devon Regeneration Company. This new group is intended to provide a “one –stop shop” for businesses in the region. NDDC and TDC will be funding this new body, and DCC has also pledged sponsorship.

Environment Agency Devon Area Environment Group Conference: Considering Climate Change:
The Chairman attended this conference at Exminster House on 22 November 2005. where Ian Bateman, the Climate Change Officer for DCC talked about the causes of Climate Change, and how Devon is working to limit its impact.
The Chairman has just been appointed as the EA’s Devon Area Environment Group Chairman

ATTURM: Progress of Work at Zeta Berth:
David Graham reported that there had been some major work going on at Zeta Berth. The pontoons had been moved across the river to Appledore for refurbishment, and they had been excavating the river bed to provide a base for some stone- filled gabions, in order to stabilize the bed under the pontoons, to prevent scouring. Alongside the pontoons, a concrete careening grid had been built in order to work on craft up to 18m length out of the water. The work is now near completion.

Promotion of TTEF:
The Chairman reported that she had given a presentation to the Bideford Bridge Rotary Club in October. The talk was very well received. A further talk has been booked for 2007 by the North Devon Siroptimists Club.

Members ‘ Reports:
Tony Pratt suggested that it would be a good thing for the TTEF, if members were called upon to put on presentations of 10-15 minutes about their clubs/organisations. If any member would like to do a presentation, please let the Chairman know and she will fit it into an agenda.

(b) Braunton Burrows UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve:
Richard Butler (UKMAB) Report
Richard Butler reported that he is due to go a meeting at Prestwick Airport in March to visit a proposed Biosphere Reserve in Scotland.
He also said that UKMAB are not satisfied that UNESCO and the MPs are all at the same place in understanding Biosphere Reserves, so an information meeting is being planned.

John Breeds – Core Area Report:
Management Activities: Funds have been provided by the MoD to carry out the necessary large-scale habitat management work involving contractors.
Large-scale scrub clearance is underway. The smaller scale clearance of invasive scrub and small trees using chain saws and hand tools to maintain and create sheltered glades and clearings, started in October, and has continued steadily in 6 locations.
The annual mowing of large areas of dune grassland started in January and it is hoped that all areas cut in previous years will be covered. Also excavations to lower slack levels started in January
Fox Slack has been grazed throughout this autumn and winter by 42 Portland sheep. 13 Red Devon Cattle have grazed Lamprey’s Block, and the Flats east of the American Road have been grazed periodically by 80 cattle.
Rare Species: The findings from recent surveys of sea stock, water germander and petalwort highlighted the ideal habitat conditions required by these species.
Research and Monitoring: The recording of monthly rainfall and water- table readings has continued. Despite periods of heavy rain, accompanied by flooding in the adjacent wider area, the dune water tables still remain low compared to years gone by, with no sustained periods of flooding in the wet slacks as yet this winter.
The regular rabbit counts show that populations have remained fairly constant since their peak in 2004.
Publicity: Braunton Countryside Centre closed for the winter at the end of October and reopens at Easter.
Illustrated talks on the ecology and management of the Burrows have been given to 10 different groups.
Biosphere Activities / Education: A group of 25 employees from DCC planning department were given a guided walk and then they gathered 16 sacks of litter from the beach and dunes before their Christmas lunch.
The programme of guided walks, talks and beach cleans for this coming season is in the process of being planned.
A full report can be viewed on the TTEF website:- 

Applications for Grants in support of members’ projects:
The Chairman reminded members that, over the past few years, the TTEF has expanded its remit quite considerably to encompass a number of new initiatives. Now the Forum has an opportunity to provide proactive support for those members, who have considered commissioning their own pieces of work.
The Forum does not have any capital money, therefore it cannot fund projects directly. However, it can seek grants to carry out this work.
Richard Butler, who has considerable experience in obtaining grants to fund similar projects, is willing to undertake this role on behalf of the TTEF. It was resolved unanimously.
The Forum has been approached to consider such a piece of work for the Braunton Marsh.
Richard Butler spoke of the importance of this work.
It was resolved that the Forum should attempt to commission such pieces of work. All members were in favour.
A vote was also taken to authorise the Chairman or Vice-Chairman to apply for grant assistance on behalf of the TTEF. All members were in favour.
Richard Dyer (Marsh Commissioners) explained that a small number of farmers, with experience of farming on Braunton Marsh, wished to create a record of the history and workings of this unique area.
Richard Butler agreed to put forward a bid on this subject, and he will keep members updated.

c) Fast Leisure Craft in the Taw Torridge Estuary:
There has been no meeting of the FLC Joint Working Party since the last TTEF meeting in October 2005. The last two meetings have been cancelled. A re-convened meeting has been arranged for Thursday, 26th. January 2006.
Ben Totterdell (NDCCS) has sent out a draft report based on the recommendations made by the JWP at the October meeting. Copies of this were handed out to members for their information.
At the October JWP meeting Andy Bell was charged with:
- Writing to the Barrister for the Royal Yachting Association to obtain legal guidelines on the terms used in DCC Byelaw 15 governing the use of the estuary.
- Calling a working group on the definitions of these terms.
The Chairman is to update members after the FLC Meeting.
Copies of the incident log were issued and members were encouraged to use it to report incidents on the water.

(d) North Devon Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty:
Sustainable Development Fund: Copies of the leaflet explaining the AONB’s Sustainable Development Fund were handed out to members for information.

Boundary Review:
Some time ago, the Forum sent a letter of support for a move to look at Braunton Marshes and Braunton Great Field as a logical extension of the AONB. Braunton Parish Council and NDDC are very much in favour of these areas being included in the AONB and , with growing concern about the potential impact of the Western Bypass and the increased volume of traffic through Braunton, there is now a lot of public support. 
The AONB Partnership feels that there is now sufficient evidence to justify a boundary review, which should be completed as a matter of some urgency.
Marguerite Shapland as Chairman of Braunton Parish Council, said that she would like the Forum’s to support the inclusion of these two areas.
A vote was taken and all members were in favour of giving general support to the inclusion of Braunton Marshes and Braunton Great Field into the AONB.
The Chairman to write to Braunton Parish Council to express the Forum’s support.

AONB report: from Linda Blanchard:
- A “desk-top survey” of archaeological sites within the AONB is being undertaken
- Planning Policy Guidance has been prepared on equestrian and farm buildings, including on new buildings and on conversions.
- Janine Holbert has held two very successful training events on hedgerow surveying.
- Linda Blanchard and Janine Holbert will give an update to the Forum on present and future projects.

The Chairman and Richard Butler will attend the AONB Partnership meeting on 24th.January 2006.

(e) Appledore Quay Wall: Planning Application:
This application is “to re-clad the wall in pigmented and patterned concrete to the same thickness as the former masonry cladding, selecting a locally distinctive colour, texture and pattern for the concrete that reflects traditional masonry in the area” It is also proposed to erect timber fenders along the wall: “the proposed cladding is almost entirely cosmetic; the flood defence scheme continues to protect Appledore successfully against flooding without the cladding”
If planning permission is granted, construction could begin in 7 months.
It was resolved that the chairman should send a revised version of the former letter of objection. This resolution was passed “nem con”, with 5 abstentions. 

(f) District Council Liaison: i) Torridge District Council:
The Chairman had met with Mr. John van de Laarschot, Chief Executive of TDC and had been very well received. 
The Chairman informed him about the role of the TTEF and how important it was that, when dealing with matters concerning the Estuary, TDC, NDDC, NDCCS and the TTEF worked closely together in partnership.
The Chairman also asked that the TTEF should automatically be put on consultation lists for matters affecting the Estuary, whether planning , Health & Safety, strategic planning, civic projects etc.
ii) North Devon District Council:
Mr. Jerry Lee is the new NDDC’s Liaison Officer. He will be attending all 4 TTEF meetings this year.

9. Urgent Matters brought forward by the Chairman:

10. Consultations:
 Draft NDCCS Interpretive Strategy: Copies of the Chairman’s response are available on request. The Chairman is attending an Interpretive Strategy Workshop on Friday, 20th January, where the Draft Strategy will be discussed further.
 Security of Tenure for Residential Boats (ODPM)
 European Commission’s Marine Strategy Package
 Guidance on River Basin Planning:
 Water for Life and Livelihoods – EA Framework for River Basin Planning.
 Devon County Waste Local Plan: Proposed Pre- Inquiry Changes and Schedule of Omission Sites:
 Devon County Waste Local Plan: Notes from the Pre-Inquiry Meeting and Objection Reference Numbers:
 NDDC: Submission Draft Statement of Community Involvement.
 NDDC: North Devon Local Plan 1995-2011- Proposed Modifications.

11. Correspondence Received:
Listed at the end of the Minutes.

12. Agenda Items proposed for the next Meeting:
 Presentation on the AONB by Linda Blanchard and Janine Holbert 
 “Moorings in the Fairway”/Trinity House Review.

13. Any Other Business:
1. Phil Siddall (Environment Agency), announced that he is moving to a different department, so Stuart Corbett will be taking his place in future. The Chairman thanked him for all his help and support over the past years.
2. James Diamond (English Nature) gave advance notice that the Shoreline Management Plan (2) from Hartland Point to Brean Down will begin shortly.
3. Peter Mullen (Fremington PC) had attended a presentation on renewable energy in the South West given by “ regensw “– South West Renewable Energy Agency.

14 Dates and Venues of Meetings for the Forthcoming Year:

 Monday, 3rd. April 2006 – Civic Centre, Barnstaple. at 7pm.
 Monday, 17th. July, 2006 – Town Hall, Bideford, at 7pm.
 Monday, 16th. October, 2006 – Civic Centre, Barnstaple, at 7pm.
 Monday, 15th. January, 2007 – Town Hall, Bideford, at 7pm.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.58 p.m.


Addendum: The Chairman has spoken to Lt. Col. Michael Portman, of Fremington Army Training Camp as promised. Now that the MoD subscription is paid for 2005 and for 2006, Lt. Col. Portman will attend TTEF meetings as usual. 

11. Correspondence Received:
South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership Newsletter: Issue 1: November 2005
Torridge Action Group for Sustainability (TAGS): Local Food for Local Schools Project: Final Report
Environment Agency: Your Environment – Keeping our cool
Environment Agency: Responding to Climate Change
Environment Agency: Creating a better place: What we do and why we do it
Environment Agency: The Climate is changing: Time to get ready
Environment Agency: Climate Change and its Impact on Waste Management
Environment Agency: Measuring the Impact of Climate Change
Environment Agency: Renewable Energy and its Impact on the Environment
Environment Agency: Climate Change and its Impact on Chemical Standards
Environment Agency Prosecution of Seven Anglers:
Living Coasts: Guide Book
Halcrow: Rivers, Estuaries, Coasts: Research, Development, Innovation Halcrow: Estuaries Halcrow: Proposed Development of a Wave Hub at Hayle, Cornwall – Environment Impact Assessment Halcrow: Strategic Coastal Studies and Shoreline Management.
Halcrow: Coastal & Maritime Engineering
Erocips: Emergency Response to Coastal Oil, Chemical, and Inert Pollution from Shipping
Met Office: Information for Staff, Visitors and Site Contractors
Met Office/Defra: Uncertainty, Risk and Dangerous Climate Change – December 2004
Marine Current Turbines: Running with the Tide of Renewable Energy
Exe Explorer: Walks around the Estuary
Devon Maritime Forum: Working towards a Common Vision for our Coasts and Seas
Defra/RYA/BMF: The Green Blue – Making the Environment Second Nature
National Centre for Ocean Forecasting
Dart Estuary Environmental Management Website:
Dart Forum: Tldelines – The Newsletter of Dart Estuary Environmental Management
MarLIN: Sealife Signpost
MarLIN/Defre/National Biodiversity Network/Project Aware Foundation: The Sealife Survey
MarLIN News: The Marine Life Information Network for Britain and Ireland – Summer 2005
Marine Biological Association: Advancing Marine Biology through Research, Communication and Education
Marine Biological Association: The Shore Thing
Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust: Sustainable Management of Soft Rock Cliffs and their Invertebrate Biodiversity – a Devon Perspective
Plymouth Marine Sciences Partnership – Understanding the Marine Environment through the best possible Research
The National Trust and the Coast: Devon and Cornwall
The National Trust: Shifting Shores – Living with a Changing Coastline
The National Trust: Tourism – Policy from Practice
Invest in Fish South West: Working Towards a brighter Tomorrow for the Region's Fisheries
English Heritage: Conservation Bulletin – Maritime and Coastal Heritage. Spring 2005
Earth Sciences and Surveying (EGS): Coastal Zone Studies
Earth Sciences and Surveying (EGS): The Global Force with a personal Touch
Pennon Group Plc: En Route to Sustainability 2005 – Corporate Responsibility Report
South West Water: Striking the right Balance – Planning for an even better future
Torridge District Council: Torridge First – December 2005
CPRE: Countryside Voice: Autumn 2005
Royal Haskoning: Environmental and Engineering Consultancy Services
Westcountry Rivers Trust: Confluence – Magazine: Winter 05/06
Appledore Reporter: December 2005
Devon Wildlife Trust: North Devon Voluntary Marine Conservation Area – Autumn/Winter 2005
Devon Wildlife Trust: Baywatching – Lyme Bay Mapping and Management: Summer 2005
South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership Newsletter: 1st. November 2005
For Information: Rod licences are available from every Post Office in England and Wales, 
by telephone on 0870 1662 662, on-line and by Direct Debit. There is also a Direct Debit helpline 
on 01925 542500
Cable Arm: Dredging Solutions
The World of Watermaster: Newsletter 2005
Dredging and Port Construction (DPC): September 2005
Dredging and Port Construction (DPC): October 2005

ITEM 8(a): Environment Agency CAMS
Environment Agency Contact Details for reporting abstraction problems:
CAMS: Georgina Gray (01392) 316039
Terry Folland (01392) 316069
Nick Prall (01392) 316070
Restoring Sustainable Abstraction (RSA):
Tamsin Howels (01392) 316095
Incident Hotline: (0800) 807060.

ITEM 8(a): Harvesting Mussels
English Nature – Copy of Conditions Consent. Specified Operations:-
Trial period harvesting of mussel Mytilus edulis using 'Aqualift' machinery

Details of proposed operations:
* Harvesting will occur two hours either side of low tide only, on
no more than two days in each seven day period.
* No more than 3 tonnes of harvested mussel will be removed in any seven-day period
No harvesting will occur on mussel beds at Pulley Ridge and Sprat Ridge.
Full records of dates, time and location of harvesting, and quantity and density of mussel stock, will be submitted to English Nature on request, including GPS records of daily start/finish points. 
Timing: Until 30 June 2006.