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May 2003

MINUTES: for the meeting held at The Crow's Nest, Marine Parade, Instow, Bideford, North Devon at 7.00 p.m. on Monday, 12th. May 2003



PRESENT: Rose Day (Instow PC and CPRE), Tony Pratt (NDYC), Paul Fronteras (Westleigh PC) and Ann Humphris (Hon. Secretary)


1. Web Domains: RD had procured two domain names as a trial run. It was agreed to retain the name: "" meantime, whilst the possibility of obtaining the name: "" was explored.
(a) Tony Pratt to investigate whether "" was available as a domain name.
(b) Rose Day to cancel the redundant domain name

2. Web Software: AH had supplied RD with a demonstration copy of Microsoft Front Page. It was agreed that a full copy of this programme should be purchased. Cost likely to be in the region of £130 to £150.
Action: Rose Day to research the cheapest source of Microsoft Front Page, and purchase a copy for the Forum.

3. Hosting: After much discussion, PF recommended a hosting package offered by Eclipse of Exeter. Cost likely to be in the region of £100 + VAT
Action: Tony Pratt to contact Eclipse, and to make further enquiries

4. Data Protection: It was unclear whether the Forum would need to register under the Data Protection Act. It was decided that, in the meantime, all member organisations and representatives should be asked to fill out a consent form, which would give us permission to include the name and details of the organisation and the name of the representative on the website
(a) Rose Day to circulate Data Protection information to members of the sub-committee.
(b) Rose Day to prepare a consent form for member organisations. 

5. Webmaster: It was agreed that a separate e-mail address would be set up for the Webmaster, and this e-mail address would appear on the website.

6. Logo: The logo of the now redundant Taw Torridge Estuary Project had been made available to the Forum thanks to Andy Bell of the Northern Devon Coast & Countryside Agency.
Action: Paul Fronteras agreed to experiment with colour, format, etc.

7. Licence: The purchase of a multi-licence was discussed, but it was agreed that there should be one main licence holder. Individuals and organisations submitting contributions to the website could prepare these in Word documents, and they could then be submitted to the Webmaster.

8. Website Content: Some suggestions:
(a) Home Page, with picture of the Estuary
(b) What the Forum is/does
(c) List of member organisations and their representatives
(d) Links to member organisations
(e) Reports/Information concerning member organisations (written by the individual organisations)
(f) Forum constitution
(g) Forum Minutes and Agendas
(h) Biosphere Reserve page
(i) Reports on current issues with photographs
(j) Estuary Management Plan – (i) forthcoming consultation
(ii) final plan, when updated
(k) Public information notices
(l) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Action: Members to be asked for further ideas/articles/photos/etc.

9. Questionnaire: It was agreed that member organisations should be asked whether they would wish set up links to the website, and whether they would wish to contribute articles/information/pictures/ideas/etc. for the website. These questions could be combined with the consent form.
Action: Rose Day to prepare the questionnaire/consent form, and these could be sent out to member organisations/representatives with the Minutes.

10. Virus Protection: PF confirmed that no extra virus protection would be needed beyond the Norton Anti-Virus package, provided that the programme was updated once or twice a week.

11. Next Sub-Committee Meeting: No date was set. Progress with research and returned questionnaires will be assessed at the time of the next full Forum meeting in July, and a further meeting will then be arranged.