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April 2008

Taw Torridge estuary and Bideford Harbour April 2008.

Bideford harbour has been quiet with shipping since my last report.

The harbour crane suffered a major breakdown and spare parts were obtained from a crane which was returned from the Falkland Islands.

The new trainee pilot, Capt. Paul Gyurgyak, has qualified and is now available for relief work.

The new Bideford Harbour Committee is due to meet on Thursday 15th May 1530 hrs at Riverbank House to discuss several reports.

 Bideford quay has hosted two successful farmers markets so far this season.

The local fishing fleet awaits completion of its new facility at Bidna, Appledore – with completion date uncertain.

Sporadic landing of riversand for local farmers has occurred during April.

After further lobbying of Trinity House, an improvement in navigational aids at Appledore has occurred, with two new port hand buoys marking the limit of the Pool at Sprat Ridge. This is an important step forward in the lighting of the estuary, and will improve the safety of large vessels especially. Received comments from professional seafarers has been generally favourable – with some adverse comments on the naming of one of the buoys, which Trinity House have named ‘Greysand Hill Light Buoy’  - the preferred name being ‘Sprat Ridge light buoy’.

Greysand Hill itself remains unlit and requests to Trinity House to mark this crucial point will continue.

 Babcock shipbuilders (ex Appledore Shipbuilders) have fitted tide boards at the main yard, and at Barclay Curle/Seawind on requests of ourselves and fitted the ‘Lundy Puffin’ with improved plotting and echo sounding capabilities to help monitor the ‘bar’ at the splitting of the channels between Bidna and Zeta berth during there planned channel maintenance programme.

 An enquiry has been received for the training yacht ‘Asta’ to visit Bideford in June from the German Naval Attache’, via the Royal Marines.

 A new Port Security Plan for Bideford (anti terrorist) has been produced. An inspection by a Transec Officer has recently been made.

 The Kathleen and May is due to go on the slip at Seawind Barclay Curle, in early May.

 Captain Roger Hoad Pilot Harbour Master.