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July 2007

Taw Torridge estuary and Bideford Harbour July 2007.

Unseasonal rains have helped keep the encroaching sands at bay, and provided a better defined shipping channel to Bideford. Suspended silt from upriver has been deposited in normally sandy areas of the estuary, making any riverbed work less pleasant!

Shipping carries on apace and the western (Appledore side) of the channel is still passable, though gradually becoming more tortuous than before. The approach channel buoys have suffered damage over the winter period, and indeed also in recent weeks caused by rough seas. The buoys have been moved to allow for shifting sands, and more accurate marking of the channel. No new buoys or lights have been laid or placed by Trinity House.

Usage of east the water wharf space remains unresolved at present. No new houseboats have entered the harbour, or Torridge river. The retired aggregate dredger Severn Sands has moved to Fremington quay from Yelland oil jetty – and mixed comments have been received from members of the public.

TDC has received an application to licence a jet ski hire fleet within the river. 

The Harbour Board has received an application to place a 120 metre floating student hotel (for eastern Europeans) by a local man (Capt. Screech) off the left bank of the river Torridge near to the slipway at Bideford.

Sand Dredging on behalf of a consortium of North Devon farmers has proceeded intermittently within the river Torridge, under the 1609 Devon & Cornwall Sea Sand Act, and with licence of the Crown Estates, contractor is Severn Seas Shipping.

A handful of visiting yachts have recently been sheltering at Bideford quay.

Lundy road repair materials have been shipped sporadically via landing craft Pont Menai since before Christmas. 

The Appledore Ferry has been suspended. 

Captain Roger Hoad Pilot Harbour Master.