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Conditions of Use

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Conditions of Use


bulletThese conditions shall apply to all craft that use the Churchfield Slipway Appledore, except for those that can be carried/launched by ONE person ONLY without the use of any type of trailer or any other device used for the movement of such craft on land. (Exemptions are likely to include such craft as canoes, sailboards and small non-motorised tenders.)
bulletA charge for the use of the Slipway will apply to all craft except those exempt in accordance with the above paragraph.
bulletAll craft with the exception of those exempt above, or members of the Instow Yacht Club shall be required to register their craft with the Northern Devon Coast & Countryside Service. The purpose of this FREE registration scheme is to ensure that all craft have adequate liability insurance and to encourage compliance with the voluntary code of Conduct for Estuary Users.
bulletVisitors to our area whose craft are not registered with the Coast & Countryside Service will be required to sign a disclaimer on initial use of the Slipway confirming that they have the necessary liability insurance in place. They will then need to subsequently register on the scheme to enable future use of the Slipway. (Disclaimers are available from the Slipway Warden)
bulletCharges will apply between 1st April and 30th September each year.
bulletThe parking of vehicles including trailers and other equipment used for the launch of craft will not be permitted on the Slipway. All offending vehicles, including trailers and or other devices may be liable to an Excess Charge and or removal.
bulletAccess to the Slipway must be maintained at all times. Operators of craft waiting to launch must form an orderly queue. At extremely busy times the Warden will allocate operators of craft time slots for launching/recovery.
bulletThe Warden has total authority to prevent any craft from using the Slipway if they are not satisfied that there is adequate insurance in place or the launch fee has not been paid or the behaviour of the operator is detrimental to the use of other users of the Slipway.



o        £5 launch ONLY (Payment via parking meter only)

o        £10 per launch including parking for one vehicle and trailer. (Payment via parking meter only)*

o        £30 per week including parking for one vehicle and trailer.*

o        £60 per month including parking for one vehicle and trailer.*

o        £180 for 3 months including parking for one vehicle and trailer.*

o        £300 for the period 1st April to 30th September including parking for one vehicle and trailer.*

*    Trailer to remain attached to towing vehicle at all times.

Note:  To obtain a weekly, monthly, quarterly or permit for the period 1st April to 30th September 2007 please complete an application form which is available to download or from the Slipway Warden or any of the Council’s public Offices or from the Northern Devon Coast & Countryside Service. Tel: 01237 423655

For any further information please speak to the Slipway Warden or contact the Car Parks Office on Bideford 01237 428980 or 428981.