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Estuary Code

Estuary Code


◙ Please observe the 6 knot (2 x walking speed) speed limit  areas.

◙ Please keep to the designated zones marked on the map.

◙ Please avoid using powercraft more than 3 hours before or after high tide.

◙ Be considerate when overtaking - allow a minimum of 10 metres clearance.

◙ Look out for bathers near beaches.    
◙ No motorised craft in bathing areas.

◙ Powered craft must give way to sailing craft. 
◙ Please avoid disturbing the local wildlife. 
◙ Take care not to disrupt angler’s lines.

◙ Jet skis towing boards or skis can use the designated     water ski areas.

◙ Do not block slipway access.
◙ Stay on the right 
hand side of the channels. 
◙ Always pass with oncoming vessels to your left.

◙ Be courteous to other users.

◙Take care not to disturb other craft with your wash.

◙ Beware of strong tides and always carry correct safety equipment.  .


For more information: 
Call NDCCS on 01237 423655


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